Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Foundation Routine

My Foundation Routine

A while ago, I got a request to do a post about my foundation routine from The Belle Beauty Blog reader, SoJez. I don't think my foundation routine is really anything special, but it might make for an interesting post... So I decided to make up a little list of what I use, and see where that goes.

Foundation is something I tend to put a lot of effort into, because I have severe acne that I try really hard to cover. Most mornings I don't have enough time to precisely apply a dozen different products on every blemish and scar, so everything I use needs to be easy and quick to use.

 Everything in my routine has earned its spot there.

For my day-to-day face:

I start off by applying L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base with my fingers to add a little extra "cushiness" over any acne or dry spots. I let that sit for just a few minutes while I dab a little bit of Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream under my eyes. I don't have the full size, just a deluxe sample from Sephora, but the deluxe sample is fairly large, so I believe it's going to last a while. I never skip the eye cream step, because this particular cream makes my concealer go on flawlessly, and it lasts a lot longer.

Once the primer/eye cream combo has time to do it's thing (usually while I fool with my hair), I go to work with L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Foundation, lightly dabbing and blending it onto my skin with my Beautyblender, until it looks like my actual skin. It takes about two minutes, but if I'm in a serious hurry, I opt to use my fingers to shave off a few more seconds.

Concealer time... Make Up For Ever Full Cover is the best thing to happen to my foundation routine. I just squeeze a tiny bit onto my finger, spread it under my eye, and buff it quickly with a small fluffy brush. Again, if I'm in a rush, I use my fingers, but the results aren't quite as flawless if I do. If there are any breakouts that are still visible under my foundation, I dab a tiny bit of Full Cover over them with a flat concealer brush and that's pretty much enough to cover everything.

Finally, I set everything with Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder. I normally steer clear of translucent powders because of their tendency to feel heavy, but I really love this one. I lightly tap my powder brush into it, tap off the excess, and sweep a tiny bit over my T-zone. After that, I just use the aforementioned fluffy brush to dust a little powder under my eyes to set my concealer, and my foundation routine is finished.

My Foundation Routine

What tools do I use?

I have a lot of makeup brushes (between 40 and 50, but the collection is still growing...), but I find that I generally reach for the same brushes and tools every day. You know, assuming they're clean.

For the foundation: One word: Beautyblender. Unless I'm using my fingers, my Beautyblender always participates in the daily foundation games. At $20 each, they're pricey, but they are no joke. I highly recommend investing in one if you're a big makeup lover like moi.

For my concealer: When I apply concealer over acne, I use my Ecotools Concealer Brush. It's fairly unique, because the head is so big, but it allows me to blend very quickly and smoothly. Under my eyes, I use whichever small fluffy brush happens to be clean and closest to my vanity. The one pictured above is also from an Ecotools set, but it's a bit bigger than I normally prefer. I'm actually considering investing in a MAC 217 for the future.

And for powder: For applying powder under my eyes to set my concealer, I use whatever fluffy brush I used to apply the concealer, and just sort of dust it on. Not rocket science, but the brush I use does make a difference. For powder on my T-zone, I'm a big fan of the  Ecotools Powder Brush... It's very soft and seems to deposit the powder perfectly.

My Foundation Routine

And of course, there are always exceptions...

Sometimes, my foundation routine changes, like if I need heavier coverage, or a mid-day touch up. Thankfully, I do have some tried and true loves that I fall back on in those instances.
  • My beloved True Match's medium coverage is usually perfect for daily use, but there are times when I need really full coverage, and that's when I reach for L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation. It covers the worst of my acne really well when paired with my Beautyblender and Full Cover, so it's always with me on bad skin days.

  • Now let's assume that I'm going to be out of the house for quite some time, and I'm having an oily skin day. I just toss Almay Smart Shade Pressed Powder into my purse, and shine is no longer a problem. It also has a small mirror in the back for on-the-go touch ups.
  • Some days, my skin looks really, really good, and I can skip foundation and all that jazz. Haha, no I'm just kidding, that never happens. But if that were to happen, and I only needed minimal coverage, I'd swipe on a bit of BB Cream or tinted moisturizer, and a little bit of Nars Concealer. It's a great concealer for no-makeup makeup looks.
Is there even anyone still reading this?

I'm spell-checking this post and noticing something: This is one of the longest posts I've done in a while. So if you are still reading this, thanks for putting up with all of my rambling. I hope you found this post interesting, and have a good day. Here's a picture of Orangey, to show my gratitude.



  1. I'm always on the fence about the beauty blender because I think it's expensive, but it does get a lot of good reviews.


  2. Thank you so much Lainey! This was exactly what I needed! The step by step description was perfect and I have a much better idea of how to do this. One of the things I'm most looking forward to is investing in makeup brushes and a beauty blender. I see brushes at the store all the time but never thought about buying them because I didn't realize how useful they can be for the foundation routine. In fact, I didn't even know there were brushes specifically for foundation and concealer. So thank you once again for sharing your routine. I don't feel so clueless now and I can't wait to try out some new products and routines.

    1. No problem, SoJez :) I'm so glad this post was helpful to you! Trust me, once you find some new tools and techniques that work for you, it makes all the differnce in the world!

  3. Love this post so much! It's so detailed and informative! :)) You seem to have a great foundation routine dear! <3


    1. Thanks so much :D I think I've finally found products that work well with my skin.

  4. Really enjoyed reading this I love to know what people use on their face, hard so much about the Bobbi Brown eye cream I have the eye repair cream, I know what you mean by not being able to use concealer before eye cream, ever since I started using eye cream before my concealer I just can't stop doing it, the whole area would feel too dry for concealer alone!!


    1. Thank you, Arwa! It seems we share the exact same opinion of eye cream before concealer :D I skip it only if I absolutely must, but I always regret it later ... And yes, the Bobbi Brown eye cream is BEYOND WORDS. I dread the day my little sample runs out :(


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